Who Are We ?


 Sacred Heart church is a community of loving believers who appreciate the wonders of the good Lord’s majestic natural creations. People live in this community because they are drawn to the treasures of mountains, rivers, trees and other great people. Every effort is made by the people of this community to make life better for those who need assistance.

Living in the Ozark Mountains we enjoy the beauty of the Current River and the Mark Twain National Forest which surrounds us.  Spectacular springs, cliffs, forest lands and wildlife constantly remind us of what a wonderful life the Lord has given us.  We know that even here there are many who are challenged with every hardship of life.  As a caring parish family, we tithe on our weekly donations to help the needy.  We follow the admonitions of the Lord by feeding the hungry, clothing the needy and housing the homeless.

Our Parish Mission Statement:

Sacred Heart Parish is a welcoming Catholic Christian faith community to all who live in or come to this beautiful part of the Missouri Ozarks. We strive to live the “Good News” that God is with us and constantly offers His saving grace and love to us. This is the source of our peace and joy that we share in our parish family and with the larger community through love and service.

Our Parish Vision Statement:

Our vision is that the people of Sacred Heart Parish will live their faith in their everyday life experience.